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Other Args

package main

import (


func main() {

    // Create new cli
    cli := clir.NewCli("Other Args", "A basic example", "v0.0.1")

    // Set long description
    cli.LongDescription("This app shows additional arguments passed to your commands")

    // Name
    var name string
    cli.StringFlag("name", "Your name", &name)

    // Define action
    cli.Action(func() error {
        println("Your name is", name)
        fmt.Printf("The remaining arguments were: %+v\n", cli.OtherArgs())
        return nil
    // Using a subcommand instead of a flag
    nameCommand := cli.NewSubCommand("namecommand", "Shows your name!")
    nameCommand.Action(func() error {
        fmt.Printf("The remaining arguments were: %+v\n", nameCommand.OtherArgs())
        return nil

    // Run!