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Nested Subcommands

package main

import (

func main() {

    // Create new cli
    cli := clir.NewCli("Nested Subcommands", "An example of nested subcommands", "v0.0.1")

    // Create a top level subcommand
    // Run with: `nested-subcommand top`
    top := cli.NewSubCommand("top", "top level command")
    top.Action(func() error {
        println("I am the top-level command!")
        return nil

    // Create a middle subcommand on the top command
    // Run with: `nested-subcommand top middle`
    middle := top.NewSubCommand("middle", "middle level command")
    middle.Action(func() error {
        println("I am the middle-level command!")
        return nil

    // Create a bottom subcommand on the middle command
    // Run with: `nested-subcommand top middle bottom`
    bottom := middle.NewSubCommand("bottom", "bottom level command")
    bottom.Action(func() error {
        println("I am the bottom-level command!")
        return nil

    // Run!